Fashionable Versatility

  • No-more-tears swimwear. Poseidon's Daughter Active Swimwear is specifically designed for real women doing their real activities in, near, around, and even away from the water. You can ride your bike, swim, sail, walk, jog, do yoga, play volleyball, tennis, go out to lunch with pals...and then...stop by the grocery store on the way home. Think of this active swimwear as your new favorite shorts and t-shirt.
  • More body coverage to expand the versatility of our active swimwear without looking prudish or sun-phobic.
  • The active swimwear gal is busy having fun in her life and doesn't need to pose by the pool if she doesn't want to. 
  • This active swimwear is sinfully comfy: not too tight and not too loose. We never understood the swimwear with built-in girdles made for women to look ten pounds lighter. It's no fun to be active when you can't breathe! Why not look good just the way you are now?
  • No more cover-ups because you are covered-up and don't have to worry about anything hanging out when you swim. No more rushing for water after you take off your cover-up.