Premium Tailored Fit

Poseidon's Daughter Active Swimwear is designed by and for real women in their real lives. Our goal is no-more-tears swimwear. We want to look well put together without anything hanging out. Poseidon's Daughter spent 2 years designing, testing, and refining the style, fit, and function of our active swimwear. Our fit models are real women who share our vision for stylish, comfortable, active swimwear. 

  • Two piece separates for easy entry/exit.
  • Mix-and-match styles/sizes for variety and perfect fit.
  • Tailored to fit many body shapes and sizes.
  • More coverage to expand versatility of our active swimwear.
  • Premium Quality swimwear with beautiful details and sewing.

Shorts or Skorts: Our Swimwear Bottoms

  • Shorts or Skorts --- our swimwear is designed to flatter different body sizes and shapes. The base is super comfy compression shorts.
  • Feels like you're safe and securely covered in our bottoms. Not too tight and not too loose.
  • Designed to avoid crotch ride up during all of your activities.
  • Designed so that nothing private is see-through, even after much wear.
  • Forgiving waistbands.


The Swimwear Tanks

  • All of Poseidon's Daughter tanks are flattering while providing support without fitting too tight.
  • Tanks are tailored to fit more loosely than most swimsuits, smoothing out bumps and bounces.
  • Fits big and small busts alike. The built-in sports-bra is super supportive if you are big busted, and give shape if you are small busted. Fits sizes AA-DD.
  • Tank styles are classics, and cover more skin than a regular swimsuit.
  • Zip up tank options for stiff shoulders.
  • Removable cups for easy washing and quicker drying.
  • Beautiful details on each tank. High quality sewing.